The story so far

Ramblegard was founded early in 1996, having identified a need to provide a simple fall prevention solution for those caring for the aged and infirm.

Later that year the flagship ‘Floorgard’ system was launched and its simple reliability, which enjoyed widespread success, was the foundation on which Ramblegard is now established as a reputable player in the marketplace.

The Ramblegard brand is not just about quality products, but rather focuses on providing fall prevention and patient monitoring solutions to healthcare organisations nationwide.

Embracing Technology

The development of the Ramblegard range over the past decade has embraced the benefits of many exciting new technologies.

Systems now offer complete wireless functionality and various sensor options including pressure, proximity and infra red devices to create a unique and complete range, providing solutions to many falls management and patient monitoring issues that arise in care environments daily.

Our product portfolio is constantly under review by our partners working in the field to provide feedback for the R&D team at Ramblegard to ensure the product portfolio remains at the forefront in the marketplace.

In stock for Immediate Dispatch

Innovative packaging for delivery and subsequent storage of the products sets Ramblegard apart in the field. The components, sourced from specialist manufacturers offshore, are delivered to Ramblegard for assembly by our dedicated tam. Then, following a series of quality checks the systems are serial numbered, programmed and boxed as plug and play solutions ready for dispatch. Comprehensive technical information sheets and quick start instructions can be viewed online or downloaded for reference at [please put a link to the Fall Prevention page here].

Our commitment at Ramblegard is to deliver user friendly products, preconfigured to your individual requirements.

Bespoke solutions

With the flexibility of an in-house workshop and dedicated technicians, supported by cutting edge manufacturers, Ramblegard have an almost unique ability to be able to design and install bespoke solutions. Please contact us at to arrange a site visit by a Ramblegard representative who will be glad to discuss your particular challenges and present innovative ideas on how best to address them.