Stand Alone or Nurse Call?

Ramblegard devices have the ability to connect to an existing Nurse call system within your Care Environment via a Nurse Call interface such as the exclusive Jack Multi-Adaptor. This is an effective and simple solution for alerting when patients are on the move.

Alternatively the systems can operate independently as a Stand Alone monitoring device, giving you greater flexibility and enabling you to distinguish between the standard 'call for assistance' and an escalated 'potential falls alert!'

Wired or Wireless?

Wireless Technology has made huge strides in the past decade to the point where the advantages far outweigh any perceived drawbacks when comparing with conventional wired alternatives. With Wireless technology we have an increased range of products providing, among many other benefits, increased flexibility and remote monitoring.

Wired alternatives, whilst more limited in their functionality, will also provide you with a solution to assist in prevention of falls and on occasion can be more suited to your requirements.