Maintenance & Leasing

All Ramblegard equipment comes with a 1-year warranty. As part of our aftersales support, Ramblegard offers a regular Service & Maintenance agreement, ranging from a simple call-out agreement to a fully comprehensive agreement that covers all parts & labour.

Ramblegard products are also available on finance. Now you can spread your acquisition costs over the life of the equipment and pay in instalments. Please contact us directly for more information.

Maintenance Agreement

General Terms

  • No work will be carried out without a contract being in place or, where no maintenance contract has been applied, until Purchase Order has been received from Customer
  • Once Purchase Order is received a standard lead time of 3 working days will apply, unless it is requested as an emergency call-out, in which case it will be within 24hrs.
  • Manufacturer commits to initial response to Client enquiries within 24hrs – providing that queries are reported between 8.00hrs to 16.00hrs Monday to Friday. ‘Following working day’ telephone response time for Weekend/Bank Holidays.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the standard terms of all maintenance contracts DO NOT cover any call out or equipment damage due to act of God / misuse / abuse or vandalism of said equipment. For our full terms and conditions of liability please refer to section 7 of our Terms of Service Document on our website.
  • Annual Audit

    • The Manufacturer advises that all equipment should be audited annually to ensure system compliance. During the audit all equipment is checked and any equipment malfunctioning will be marked defective and removed from use, an item by item check report including items that need repaired is generated at this point for the customer.
    • For customers with no contract, this Annual Audit is a chargeable call out and all equipment needing replaced once complete is additional to this charge.
    • For customers on a Care Package, the cost of the annual audit visit is covered. Quotations will then be sent for all replacement equipment required. A revisit will be arranged to set up all replacement equipment once the Purchase Order (P.O.) is received.
    • For customers on a Care+ Package, the cost of the annual audit visit is covered and all parts marked as defective will be repaired or replaced as necessary, in accordance with clause 1.4.

Equipment call-outs

  • The Manufacturer commits to provide an equipment call out to any given location as requested by the Client.
  • There are 2 types of Call-out
  • Std Call out – Manufacturer commits to call out within 3 working days
    • Emergency Call-out – Manufacturer commits to call out within 24 hours
    • All Call-Outs cover for Transport to site and a 1/2hr labour
    • Any additional time required will be charged accordingly, in 15 minute intervals.

Reporting procedure

  • All equipment checks will be documented including
  • Location of works
  • Equipment Serial Number and Description
  • What work was carried out
  • List of items repaired/replaced
  • Status of product

Service Charges

  • Maintenance charges as follows:
    Std call-out fee (inc 1/2 hr labour) - £165
    1/2hr labour - £40
    1hr labour - £80