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Meet The Team

Alan Wilson

Key Account Manager

With over a decade of customer-facing experience, Alan is a lover of sales and a passionate believer in delivering great products and service.   

Alan is always happy to be out in front of new and existing clients and driving positive change.

  • Likes:  His dear wife & two sons, fast car’s & F1                   
  • Dislikes:  All things Lemon - Yuck!
  • Dreams of:  Competing in motorsports.

Vanessa Myers

Sales Manager              

A rose between thorns, Vanessa is surrounded by hot blokes (literally), leaving Vanessa fighting for control of the air con.  

When she’s not keeping the boys in line, she also finds solutions to perfectly meet the challenges set by our Ramblegard clients, be they large or small. When she’s not bossing it in the office processing orders and dealing with customer enquiries, this multi-talented woman can sometimes be found on the manufacturing floor (we’re not sure who she’s trying to avoid! …probably best not to ask).

  • Likes:  Plying the workers with biscuits, talking about going to the gym and Scooby-Doo.
  • Dislikes:  Shopping for biscuits, actually going to the gym and Scrappy-Doo. 
    • Dreams of:  Early retirement (seriously?) in an Italian villa. La Vita ė Bella with vino.   

Nigel McMullan

Ramblegard Manufacturing

Nigel is our Ramblegard ninja. He spends his days assembling Ramblegard products from the man cave that is the workshop, surrounded by wires and other odds and sods (including Eamon …he likes to hide in there too!)   

Powered by coffee (although a mocha would be preferable), Nigel works diligently to get every order out the door. 'Stay calm and carry on' is his mantra.  

  • Likes:  BBQ noodles, steak pie, weekends and travelling.  
  • Dislikes:  Cold icy mornings, rain, and an untidy workbench or floor. 
  • Dreams of:  Owning a high-performance sports car. 

Chris McAllister

Operations Manager                         

When Chris isn’t bossing his role in production, he’s propping up the dispatch team. 

Ever the practical joker, Chrissy has been known to lie in wait for the perfect moment to scare the living daylights out of his Healthcare colleagues.
Aspiring fitness coach and ex-boxer, this laid-back lad could happily do life in the slow lane, but he’ll only wear his glasses in the car when he’s alone and never in public (…slightly vain are we?).

  • Likes:  Man Utd (super-fan alert!), tea-breaks and getting home to dog, Max.              
  • Dislikes:  Talking about himself              
    • Dreams of:  The big wedding day.                

Garry Shields

Product Support Technician 


  • Likes:  ???
  • Dislikes:  ???
  • Dreams of:  ???